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The PPE Recovery Initiative!  

This new program is designed to help you reduce the environmental impact of the new sanitary requirements that have been put in place, and make sure that your personal protective equipment is responsibly disposed of.

Through our program, you’ll be able to recover all of your business's protective gear including items like masks, gloves, caps, footwear covers and gowns.

How It Works 

Our exciting new PPE Recovery Initiative is available to all businesses! This affordable program makes it easy to safely and responsibly dispose of your personal protection gear.

Step One - Click button below to register and get started! 

Step Two - Once you place your order, you'll receive your PPE Recovery Kit in the mail in 10-14 business days.

Step Three - Once you receive your PPE Recovery Kit, assemble the box, and place it in accessible areas for your staff and guests to use.

Step Four - Once your box is full, simply seal the box and ship it back to us! 

Step Five - All PPE boxes will remain sealed for the safety of our staff and shipped in bulk to our partners.

The collected PPE waste is sterilized, sorted, disassembled to remove contaminants and then formed into pellets. This pellet will be used to create nonwoven textile for masks and disposable isolation gowns, and injection-molded items used in healthcare.

Register and Get Started!

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What CAN we put in the box?

All your single use PPE, including masks, face shields, gloves, as well as items used to disinfect your space. For a complete list of what you can recover using your PPE Recovery Kit, click here.

What items CAN'T we put in the box?

There are several materials you can NOT put into your PPE Recovery Kit, including anything that has come into contact with blood, which includes PPE.  For a list of what cannot go into your PPE Recovery Kit, click here.

How many boxes can I order?
As many as you want! We recommend that you order more than one, so you can place them in all the high traffic areas of your business. 

Where do I put my PPE box?
We recommend placing boxes in your high-traffic areas and anywhere your staff may need to change or replace their PPE. This includes places like main entrances, retail floor, bathrooms, lunch rooms, and/or in your break rooms.